• 1 hour
  • 750
  • 750
  • 2 hours
  • 1400
  • 1400
  • overnight
  • no
  • no
  • Age – 23
  • Height – 177
  • Weight – 48
Jenna is a tall and vivacious model that looks best on the arm of a confident, mature man. Young but composed, Jenna is the perfect evening companion. She’s skilled in the art of conversation, she’s impeccably polite, and she knows her place as your elegant accessory. In fact, Jenna thrives on the strength of a powerful man. But make no mistake, she also knows how to get the party started, if that’s what needed. Always dressed to kill, Jenna ’s long firm legs draw you in. She wants you to glide your hands up her tight dress, to grasp her firm booty. If you’re still in public at that point, you won’t be for much longer. Of all the high-class escorts in Sydney, Jenna is the most likely to have you doing shots off her belly-button at the club before dragging you into a taxi. It’s a good thing Jenna has a flexible, athletic body because when you do have her alone, she’s a very naughty girl – the perfect choice for a man looking to get a little out of his comfort zone. If you’re hesitant to let loose, Jenna will eagerly guide you through a sexual encounter unlike you’ve ever experienced. For men who don’t need guidance though, Jenna is a porn star escort who will take whatever you can give her… and beg for more. Jenna is an insatiable lover of all types of sex, and it’s that need for sex that makes her a true bisexual. Watch out though because this bisexual escort will greedily devour whatever you put in front of her. A night with Jenna will leave you comfortably shell-shocked, and for weeks you’ll enjoy flashes of her tight glistening body – wound up with yours – and in pangs of ecstasy. Can you handle this ravenous queen?

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  • overnight no
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