Jade Walker49535

  • 1 hora
  • 750
  • 750
  • 2 horas
  • 1400
  • 1400
  • pernoite
  • não
  • não
  • Idade – 29
  • Altura – 165
  • Peso – 48
Jade Walker: Aussie Blonde MILF Babe High class escort Jade looks like the stereotypical poster girl for Australia. She’s blonde with bright blue eyes, and a golden sun-kissed athletic body. She’s got a fun happy-go-lucky outlook on life, and when she’s not in the water, you’ll find her lying on the white sand in a skimpy bikini. Who can blame her? What’s not to love about lying around half-naked, on warm sand, the hot sun biting in your exposed flesh while you share a beach towel with the beautiful Jade? If the beach is busy, don’t be surprised if Jade takes you by the hand with a grin and leads you to a more secluded area? Or maybe you end up intertwined in the water, Jade’s legs wrapped around you, tantalising you for some afternoon delight. Jade is very approachable and can be very cheeky. She has an unapologetic lust for life, has an active lifestyle and lives by her own rules. Life is all about new experiences – without excitement, what’s the point? We need those moments to remind us what it is to be human. Ask yourself – when’s the last time you had a lot of fun? Jade is a specialist when it comes to fun. Especially of the sensual variety. Jade’s a thrill seeker, both in and out of the bedroom. And while she has a diverse sexual repertoire, seeing couples is her favourite. Maybe it’s because it’s double the amount of pleasure? Maybe it’s because she has a high sex drive and is an erotic minx? Jade is genuine bisexual who authentically loves to please and be pleasured by women. Maybe that’s something you’ve fantasised about watching? The possibilities are endless when it comes to threesomes but intense chemistry and a colossal rush of endorphins are par for the course. Jade is a popular choice for threesomes because she’s an expert at making sure no one feels like the third wheel and that everyone feels happy and comfortable (and pleasured). If you’re ready to feel the heat, contact our reception about booking a date with the lovely Jade. You might want to pack a towel…

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